If we want a democratic society, we need democratic education.

The world is a fascinating place and children are curious, with an intrinsic capacity to learn and interest in the world around them.

If we work together, we can find more ways to support children to grow up in co-created spaces where they self-direct their learning and take part in decisions that affect their lives.


We’re initiating this review because we believe that our collective efforts can bring about a real shift. We’re on a quest to get to know the other pioneers in this field, to understand how they are working to democratise our systems, and to figure out how we can work together to overcome the obstacles.


A brief, video-introduction to our intentions with this review is available to watch here:



  • We invite you to browse the pages on your left to take a closer look at what’s happening at the Phoenix Education Trust and the scope of this review.


Please see a summary of our preliminary findings from the strategic review. Informed by what people have told us, we are currently creating a plan for Phoenix, which we hope to publish soon, outlining how we think our activities can best support the shift we have collectively agreed we want to see. By the end of January 201, we hope to have secured the funding for an initial year of activity to test out the approaches that have been identified through the course of this review.


Meanwhile, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing: providing training to support students and teachers to collaboratively identify and implement changes in their school communities. And, supporting anyone who contacts us for support, to explore the ‘lovely problems’ of democratic education.


If you would like any more information about the review, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.