The most immediate and helpful way for you to get involved in this process is by taking part in our open and conversational survey.


It’s important to us to bring together the perspectives of as many people as possible who are involved in activities connected with democratic education. Your input will enable us to create a map ofthe other pioneers in this field, understand how they’re working to democratise the system and identify how we can most effectively work together to overcome the obstacles to co-creating human-centred education settings.


If you can complete the survey, Phoenix can share the results with you by email in a couple of months. By the end of September, we will have co-designed a Plan, based on the input of everyone who has given their valuable time to support the development of this critical shift in the vision and practice of education.


This is like a democratic school visioning circle, so every voice matters, and every vote counts. Take your turn with the talking stick by clicking here.