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We believe all schools can embed democratic and collaborative practices into their ethos and doing so leads to an environment where all children can thrive. In order to do this, we need your help - we do not get any state subsidy and rely on the generous donations of individuals along with grants from various funds.

You can support us with one off donations via Paypal or text. Alternatively you can set up a regular donation and become a friend of Phoenix Education Trust.

You can also support our work by: making a donation, affiliating your organisation with us, leaving a legacy or giving us a grant.

If you are a UK taxpayer we will be able to claim Gift Aid on any donation you provide if you complete the Gift Aid declaration.


Support us by PayPal

Click the donate button and make a one-off or regular donation to Phoenix Education Trust. You do not need a PayPal account and can also donate with just a debit or credit card.


Support us by textHow to make a donation by text

A one off donation now of £5 makes all the difference to us and doesn't tie you into anything! 

It's simple. You just type in the JustTextGiving code DEMO13 followed by the amount you want to donate to 70070 and you will receive a thank-you text from the Phoenix Education Trust.


What will my donation support?

Currently, donations will support our work on projects in primary and post-16 education - two relatively new areas for us. Funds will help us resource these projects and cover overheads to deliver sessions in these sectors. The content of these programmes is below

Please note we are working on different types of donations in the future, including donations to our work in particular schools and more.

Primary Education - Building Student Councils

Our new primary programme has been written in collaboration with educational experts. A central premise of the scheme is building a student council within the school. Through various workshops, we build the confidence of the children and increase their awareness of effective communication.

The project not only builds collaboration through the student council, but we hope to target schools in less privileged areas, where the workshops within the programme build the confidence of students and promote both leadership and citizenship skills.

Post-16 - Train the Trainer

Our Post-16 programme, which has been launched with the help of lottery funding, is designed to give confidence and practical skills to students in post-16 education who may be at risk of leaving education and entering unemployment afterwards.

In this programme we train students to become trainers themselves so they can attain practical skills whilst improving their communication and confidence along the way. We hope these students will go on to train their peers and that the programme can broaden their horizons.

Although we have had some funding in setting up this programme, more donations will mean we can reach more schools and even potentially hire its graduates to deliver future training behalf of Phoenix!


Friends of Phoenix Education

Set up a regular monthly donation to Phoenix Education Trust to become a friend of the organisation.

Becoming a friend helps us promote the values of democratic education across the UK and will be give you access to a series of benefits.

You will get:

- To become a member of our donor community and to network with democratic education supporters across the UK.
- Regular donor updates on the work we’re doing and how your money is impacting the promotion of democratic education in the UK.
- Access to Phoenix Education events such as exhibitions, talks and conferences.
- An invitation to an annual donors event where you can meet those we are helping.
- Access to Phoenix resources on best practice for collaborative education through our dedicated staff.
- A platform to share your experiences on education through our blog and website
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