democratic journeys


Phoenix Education Trust is looking for 4 UK schools to join its ‘Democratic Journeys’ programme.


The scheme, which is part-funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, entails Phoenix working with both students and staff in order to build more collaborative school communities, particularly through building the communication skills for students.


As well as running an analysis of the school through our ‘Questions for Change’ service, we will run 3 student based workshops as well as 1 staff based one during an Inset day throughout the next school year.


The student based workshops are run for around 25-30 children chosen by the school and focuses on building communication, confidence and leadership skills. Students develop a community-based campaign to improve life in the school, hopefully with the buy-in of the school’s staff. The idea is that the scheme promotes a more positive school atmosphere and enhances students’ voices through the workshops and the consequential ‘peer effect’ deriving from it.


We have run a successful scheme with Oxted School in Surrey this year and the programme is supported by the education department of Canterbury Christchurch University, who are researching and evaluating the results of the programme.


If you think your school may be interested, please email our Programme Director, Kate Harris, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.