Throughout this engagement process, we’re collecting some of our favourite quotes from meetings, events, surveys, interviews, calls and emails.


“I’m really pleased that Phoenix are willing to work with us on this, and that you are open to working so transparently. I’d be delighted to help with other people that want to set up schools.” Anil


Chloe Darlington


“The transition from primary to secondary can be difficult.

The way primary schools speak about rights

and educate about that, it’s quite good…

then there’s nothing in secondary schools.

Rights don’t work like that.

They don’t come and go!”



“…organisations say they want to engage with their public but treat them as a consumer not a citizen. This is a contested, contemporary, moment- highly politically charged. We need to be attentive to the contradictions and tensions… Need to be on it, in clarifying and cataloguing… noticing how our core values are being interpreted in different ways.” Nick


“Spending a lot of time talking about how things already are doesn’t push you forward, need to think freshly and invite people to contribute to what you want to collaboratively create. Let’s get in to talking about what we’re doing…”Sufina


“Schools are under so much pressure at the moment… doing anything with schools is tricky. Dealing with frontline mental health issues caused by exams... not because teachers don’t want to treat students with respect; it’s the system they’re in which makes it difficult.” Chloe


“First, I was not aware that Phoenix did so many things, and so many different things. There are so many things that PET has done that EUDEC France dreams of doing. But, I still prefer our thing with EUDEC France, because we’re stimulating so many start-ups. We don’t need to do any campaigning because the media are really supportive and encouraging of us. If I had to set a number one priority in England, it would be to get Summerhillian and Sands schools together and promote the start-ups of schools. That seems like the most impactful thing that anyone in the world anywhere can do. If you’re lucky, one of these schools will get a lot of attention and coverage.”Ramin


“Society is really fragmented with devolution. All the more need to work together like this. Thank you for sharing so much. It’s really important for organisation to be a bit non-organisations and be open and genuine.” Chloe




“You need

different kinds

of schools…

there is not

one school

that fits all.”