Between the 8th and 14th December I- as a member of StudentVoice- attended the Council of Members and 8th European School Student Convention of OBESSU- the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions; my attendance partly facilitated by the Phoenix Education Trust.

OBESSU, founded in 1975 in Dublin, unites the national school student unions of Europe and represents school students on an international platform. OBESSU has twenty member and two candidate organisations, from a total of nineteen countries who come together to make up OBESSU and give secondary students a voice on the European stage. All member organisations are independent, national, representative and democratic school student organisations.

At the Council of Members, OBESSU agreed a variety of policy papers and amended statutory documents. The member organisations also shared their experience, by presenting their work and campaigns.

Following the Council of Members, OBESSU held its 8th European School Student Convention, "Education at 360°", in Bern, Switzerland. Here, school student representatives from approximately seventeen countries tackled the issues of evaluation and quality assurance education. They evaluated and discussed the status of evaluation, examination and assessment across Europe and agreed to take action in each of their home countries. The topics tackled included the evaluation of students, teachers, schools and school systems and how to secure and measure the quality of an education system.

Discussions included such a variety of subjects as citizens' rights, grading systems, quantitative or qualitative evaluation, cooperative or competitive education, the value of non-formal education, gender equality, democracy in schools, peer-evaluation and social inclusion.

Phoenix's assistance helped facilitate greater connection and cooperation between the British (StudentVoice) and European school student movements. The discussions at the Convention provided new information and ideas for the StudentVoice leadership and at a time of change and restructuring in its international relations, participation in this event opened new avenues for cooperation and collaboration with its European counterparts. All in all, Phoenix's assistance facilitated a valuable opportunity for the British school student organisation to learn, share and improve.