Since its conception in the year 2000, the Phoenix Education Trust (PET) has focussed its resources on promoting and supporting the development of education in which children and young people are trusted, supported and respected, promoting the movement of Democratic Education. This has predominantly taken the form of training services in schools, in which Phoenix presents the values and approaches of democratic education and facilitates collaboration between students and staff to instigate changes to decision-making processes as well as specific aspects of school life. The other strand of our activity, which we are seeking to develop an increased focus upon, is PET's position as a connector of individuals and organisations that share our values, in order to accelerate and amplify the movement of democratic education in the UK.

Phoenix is currently undertaking a strategic review, initiated by our Board of Trustees and Guardian Members, that will actively engage a wider community of friends and potential stakeholders in further developing this important aspect of PET's work.

In the short-term we wish to commission a piece of prospect research from a fundraiser with a proven track-record, who can help us identify those trust s and foundations most appropriate to support aspects of our consultation activities with wider stakeholders. Our aim, informed by this consultation, is to develop a long-term sustainable business model built on clear values and effective partnerships within the education sector.

It is likely that the person we engage in this initial piece of prospect research will be invited to provide ongoing consultancy to the Trust, with schemes of work being agreed based on:
a)    the charity's evolving needs, and;
b)    funds secured with their help.

What we are looking for

We are looking to hire a highly skilled Fundraising Consultant with:

  • A proven track-record of securing funding for charities (experience fundraising for campaigns, networks, membership bodies or movements would be an advantage
  • Particular specialism in education and youth work sectors
  • Expert knowledge of current trends and activities within these sector
  • An appreciation of and allegiance with PET values

The contractor confirms that taking on this contract with PET will not constitute a conflict of interest. The contractor will be an independent agent, and will not present as a Phoenix Education Trust employee or speak on its behalf.


Scope of initial work

Initially we are seeking to agree a time-limited piece of work to identify a range of grant funding prospects of varying scale:

  • Three substantial grant sources (more than £50K);
  • Ten smaller grant sources (between £10K and £50K);
  • A portfolio of grant opportunities with quick and straightforward application processes, that could enable PET to obtain an income of c. £10K within the next 4-6 months (in support of strategic review activities).

We will require the contractor to create a detailed report advising on a range of contextual considerations for each funder, including (where publically available):

  • The reason why you are recommending them (i.e. connection with PET, fund priorities or track record, scale / timescale);
  • Typical grant size and any notable restrictions;
  • Details of the application process, including any forthcoming deadlines;
  • An outline of their stated priorities and examples of funded projects / organisations;
  • Biographical and financial overview;
  • Any relevant background information concerning their trustees or decision-makers;
  • Any relevant suggestions for how to specifically tailor our application to their identified priorities;
  • Any further information that you consider to be of relevance to our cultivating a relationship with them.

The successful applicant will be given a much more substantial brief including background information about our charity, our aims and objectives, proposed activities and services, and emerging findings from our strategy review. We would seek to arrange a face-to-face or skype meeting with the contractor before they commenced work, to discuss the brief in further detail, and a subsequent debrief upon receipt of the prepared report.



We anticipate an initial commitment of between 1-5 days. The fee will be negotiated with the contractor, based on the applicant's skills and experience. It is important to us to make a quality appointment, but value for money will be a key consideration.

The agreed fees, including any negotiated expenses and on-costs will be payable within 30 days of the Trust receiving an invoice from the contractor, outlining work completed and following satisfactory production of pre-agreed reports.

Over time we would like to develop a relationship of trust with the external contractor, and may require a range of further services in the near-future including (but not limited to): work to improve PET's Case for Support; overseeing trust, grant and lottery applications; further, targeted prospect research; cultivation strategy support; financial administration and grant reporting; training for trustees, staff and volunteers.


Confidentiality and information governance

All information supplied to you by Phoenix Education Trust, including the brief and all other documents relating to this procurement process, either in writing or orally, must be treated in confidence and not disclosed to any third party (save to your professional advisers, consortium members and/or sub-contractors strictly for the purposes only of helping you to participate in this process and/or prepare your tender response) unless the information is already in the public domain or is required to be disclosed under any applicable laws.

Application process

Please register your interest in bidding for this contract by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with a copy of your CV and a brief covering letter setting out:

  • How you meet the required skills and experience;
  • How you would approach this project, setting out:
  • How you would prioritise and the depth of detail you would provide, given the time constraints of the contract;
    o    Which databases, directories, or other sources you would use in your research;
    o    Your fee, and how this has been calculated.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview with two members of our team (a staff member and a trustee), and applicants will be told the outcome of their interview within 72 hours.