What does it mean to go to school?


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Experiences of a former democratic school student moving into mainstream education. Read more.


IDEC @ EUDEC Conference 2016

 IDEC Conference details

Our Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Jamie, discusses his experience of a world-wide conference on democratic education. Read More


DemEd Champions: In Conversation with Sean Bellamy (part 2)

Sands school meeting

In part 2 of our DemEd Champions interview with Sean Bellamy, we discuss how learning and teaching works in Sands as well as what the maintstream can take away from its ethos. Read More


DemEd Champions: In Conversation with Sean Bellamy

Sean Bellamy with Students

In our latest Democratic Education Champions blog, we catch-up with the world renowned Sean Bellamy, a founder of Sands School. Read More


Values Must be Taught, not just Advertised

student with red hands

 Eoin Lenihan discusses how to ensure theory meets practice when teaching values, using collaboration and empathy as tool. Read More

5 Ways to Embed Democracy into the Classroom

democratic education posits


Any teacher can take some of the basic ideas of Democratic Education and implement them in the classroom. Here are 5 simple tips for getting started! Read More

DemEd Champions: How is Democratic Education being used to help those affected in Syria?

migrant children from lebanon










Our monthly DemEd Champions blog looks at how collaboration and democracy have been key in the 'Migrants of Circumstance' project in Lebanon. Read More

How school pupils are indoctrinated in thinking about education

children playing football

by Ian Cunningham

In the summer of 2014 there was a national conference on ‘Student Voice’ held in London to which schools (teachers and students) were invited. The idea was to explore ways for young people to have more of a voice in decisions in school. There has been a longstanding interest in this with a growing literature praising the value of giving students more of a voice. Read more 

The Unteachables

Unhappy boy









Ben Greenhalgh describes the world of the alternative education and the young people within them. Read More

 Student Leadership at Corelli College


How is London's first Co-operative Academy empowering its students to play a key role in the school's running, whilst building mutual trust and respect? Read More

Conversations for Change 

Students chatting

Conversations for Change explores the relationship between Art, Politics and Education in terms of creating moments of potential and possibility for change. Possibility is, in this context, a condition that leads to thinking differently or imagining things otherwise than they are. ‘Conversations for Change’ creates discursive spaces in which to ask the questions: Is it time for change? What change is required? What is to be done? By whom and when? How can thought, imagination and language become action for change?". Read More >

A film about Sands School by former student Rosa Tyler Clark.

Sands School from Sands School on Vimeo.


 Sands is a small independent fully democratic school in Devon. http://www.sands-school.co.uk/


Phoenix Education Trust Wins National Award

rachel collecting award too


April 2015: The Phoenix Education Trust was this year's winner of the AGCAS award for employer engagement. A fantastic achievement for the trust and the collaborative partnership with Queen Mary University. Read More

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